The International Confederation for Cleft Lip and Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies ( is a multi-disciplinary body, which promotes and facilitates the management of cleft lip and palate deformities, and related craniofacial anomalies internationally. The International Congress is held every 4 years.

Previous international congresses

Monte Carlo-France-1985Jerusalem-Israel-1989
Gothenburg-Sweden-2001Durban-South Africa-2005
Fortaleza-Brazil-2009Orlando USA-2013
Chennai-India-2017Edinburgh, UK-2022

Would you like to host the 16th International Cleft Congress 2029?
The Executive Committee of International Confederation of Cleft Lip, Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies invites proposals to hold the 16th International Cleft Congress in 2029.  Successive congresses shall be held, as far as possible, in a different Confederation regions than either the current or previous three congresses. No region shall be represented more than twice within five consecutive congresses, unless by special approval of the ICCPCA Executive Committee.  The proposal must be submitted by  30th January 2022 at 11:59 GMT to the president of the confederation at  Please do contact us for any further information if you have any questions about your bid submission.

Submission of Proposal:  
The application must be in the name of the national cleft/craniofacial association of the country submitting the bid. If none is available the bid must be in the name of a national cleft/craniofacial association within the same region as the country submitting the bid. The proposal should have:

  • Name of National Cleft/Craniofacial Association
  • Name of current president/executive of association and letter from president supporting the bid
  • Name and contact information of person submitting proposal
  • Name of City where congress is proposed to be held

The bidding documents should have details of:

  • History and details of members of the association.
  • Describe the capacity and expertise of the Host Committee or association to hold, plan and execute a successful congress. Include information on previous experience of holding conferences.
  • Describe the financial capacity of the association. Other sources of revenue, including local sponsorship contributions must be obtained. Provide information on how the Host Committee or organisation will raise the necessary funds needed to support the conference. Include past successful fundraising efforts, if available.  
  • Include information on previous experience of organising scientific conferences of similar size and type. If known, describe the expertise and experience of individual members of the association.
  • Details of how the proposed location is a reasonably appropriate venue with details of city. Provide a detailed description of the proposed conference venue/facility including major airports or transportation hubs, tourist safety, hotel other attractions rates, services, and other amenities. If the conference meeting venue is separate from the conference lodging/hotel facility, provide the required information on both venues.
  • Describe details for how either the host committee and or organisation or conference venue can provide information about services and support to international attendees, non-native language speakers, and those with special needs, if requested.
  • Letter of support for the proposal from president of association.
  • Other supporting documents from other organisation and the local government may be included. Describe in detail the types(s) and level of support from the administration of the host organisation/institution(s). Letters of support or affidavits on commitment may be provided.
  • Conference promotion is critical to the success of organising a scientific conference. If possible provide information on how the Host Committee or association will reach out to local members, groups, practitioners, and constituents to assure their involvement in the conference. List unique target, if known.

A representative for the bid country/countries should be invited to attend the Executive Committee during Cleft Congress 2022, Edinburgh, UK in order to make a short presentation and answer initial questions.  And then the bid will be presented during General Business Meeting of Confederation during Cleft Congress 2022, UK.

At the General Business Meeting voting shall be on the basis of country. 1 delegate= 1 vote, 2 delegates = 2 votes, 3 or more delegates = 3 votes (maximum of 3 votes). A country is defined as a national Cleft Lip and Palate Association or is a member of the United Nations. Delegates from each country shall select representatives who will record their country’s vote. This should be representative of the specialities coming from that country. If a country has not decided on a delegate for their country, then the Congress Chairman can and may appoint a delegate from that country. The Chair will have the casting vote.